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Our Mission

Welcome to the Harborough Magna & Easenhall website.  

The predominant reason for setting up this website is to give residents and other interested parties contact information for the local action group who are fighting against the proposed airport centered on Church Lawford.

There is already a wealth of information on this topic already publicised on the Internet.  Rather than repeat this information here, we have provided links to the other sites on our "Links" page and contact information for the local committee members at the bottom of this page.

It is incredibly important that all local people (and that includes a vast proportion of the whole of Warwickshire!!) fully understand the impact of the proposed new airport.  The massive acreage already designated as the airport site represents only a tiny part of the affected region as the "sprawl" associated with the support of such a huge airport will effectively join Rugby and Coventry as one conurbation.

EVERYBODY within a 15 Mile radius will be DIRECTLY affected by increased traffic, noise and pollution.  The local village communities will be engulfed and become part of one of the largest "cities" in the world.

Contact Information

The Harborough Magna & Easenhall action committee formed at the recent general Parish meeting consistes of 8 members.  These members can be contacted on the following telephone numbers:

Ian Bentlett (Chairperson)  01788 833454
Andrea Seaman (Secretary) 01788 833488
Lynn Peake 01788 832812
Ann Sutton 01788 833159
Kim Salmon 01788 832225
Fiona McMahon 01788 832328
Caroline Gibbons 01788 834800
Brian Wood 01788 832530
Electronic mail
General Information: ibentlett@aol.com

Webmaster: mark@harboroughmagna.org.uk


Send mail to mark@harboroughmagna.org.uk with questions or comments about this web site.